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LOGGERNET Datalogger Support Software

Download the Trial LoggerNet is our main datalogger support software package. It supports programming, communication, and data retrieval between dataloggers and a PC. LoggerNet consists of...

LOGGERNET/U Upgrade to Current Version of LoggerNet

LOGGERNET/U is an upgrade to the latest version of our LoggerNet software. You must have an earlier version of LoggerNet (1.0 or above) or PC400...

LOGGERNETADM Datalogger Software for Large Networks

LoggerNet Admin builds on the foundations of LoggerNet, providing additional clients, capabilities, and tools that are useful when managing a large datalogger network.

LOGGERNETADM/U Upgrade to Current Version

The LoggerNet Admin Upgrade allows one copy of LoggerNet or LoggerNet Admin to be upgraded to the current version of LoggerNet Admin.

LNLINUX LoggerNet for Linux

LoggerNet Linux provides a solution for those who want to run the LoggerNet server in a Linux environment. The package includes a Linux version of...

LNLINUX/U Upgrade to Current Version

LNLinux/U allows customers with earlier versions of LNLinux to upgrade to LNLinux 4.0 (the latest version).

LoggerNet Clients

LoggerNet Clients allow you to customize your datalogger network by providing access to the data without purchasing an additional full version of LoggerNet. While a...

About LoggerNet Datalogger Support Software Packages

LoggerNet is Campbell Scientific’s full-featured datalogger support software. It is referred to as "full-featured" because it provides a way to accomplish almost all the tasks you’ll need to complete when using a datalogger. You can write datalogger programs, transfer those programs to the datalogger, collect the data, and analyze the data either in real-time or after the file has been saved to a PC.


Konect Global Data System

A secure data collection, archiving and display system from Campbell Scientific.

Konect Global Data Service is a brand new, subscription based way to handle data stored on a Campbell Scientific datalogger.

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