Campbell Scientific-based data acquisitions provided excellent quality data during the construction of the Lakhta Tower and were able to handle a large amount of sensors. The versatility of our data loggers and vibrating-wire (VW) interfaces made it easy to integrate geotechnical equipment into the strain monitoring systems. Vibrating-wire spectral analysis technology (VSPECT™) provided great immunity to external noise sources.

The solution significantly reduced the length of cable lines and the likelihood of cable damage during construction. Repairs were simplified and more cost effective, allowing cable routing to be quickly changed and the need to splice strain gauge cables was
eliminated. Furthermore, the integration of instrumentation installed during construction into the building management system (BMS) provided the important function of ongoing structural monitoring.

Case Study Summary


A complex system to measure more than a thousand strain gages


Saint Petersburg, Russia

Products Used

AVW200  CR1000 

Participating Organisations

SODIS Lab, Monsol

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