Automated Weather Stations / WEATHERPAKResponse
WEATHERPAKResponse Weather Station for Emergency Response Applications
On-Site, Real-Time Weather Data
For chemical, biological, and radiological response
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WEATHERPAK® Response weather stations are impervious to airborne chemicals and designed to be deployed directly in the hot zone. These models can be set up in less than 60 seconds, without tools, by one person wearing full protective gear. A WEATHERPAK® Response weather station can survive a 1.8 m (6 ft) drop to concrete and withstand a decontamination scrubdown, as well as many other environmental hazards.

Note: WEATHERPAK® Response is manufactured by Coastal Environmental Systems, Inc., a Campbell Scientific company. CAMEO®/ALOHA®: registered trademarks of the US EPA and NOAA.

Benefits and Features

  • Portable or fixed options available
  • Automatic detection and display of data from up to twenty additional WEATHERPAK® Response units within range
  • Portable design ideally suited for HAZMAT response
  • Automatic updates of CAMEO®/ALOHA® and most other chemical plume modeling software
  • Optional full-color touch-screen display and INTERCEPT® software for local visualization and data collection (depending on model ordered)
  • Built-in compass for automatic alignment to true north
  • User-configurable alerts and alarms with optional INTERCEPT® software
  • Data transmission via radio (UHF or spread spectrum) to the plume model
  • No-moving-parts ultrasonic wind sensor that requires no calibration
  • Integrated Campbell Scientific data logger


WEATHERPAK® Response tower and display
INTERCEPT® software


  • 440 to 470 MHz radio; 1 W (domestic)
  • 2.4 GHz spread spectrum (international)
  • Serial RS-232
  • Ethernet
Power Supply
  • 10 DD batteries
  • Ethernet
  • Optional power cable (AC/DC)

Air Temperature

Measurement Range -35° to +70°C (-31° to +158°F)
Accuracy ±0.1°C at 25°C

Relative Humidity

Measurement Range 0 to 100%
Accuracy 0.5% at 25°C

Barometric Pressure

Measurement Range 600 to 1100 mBar
Accuracy 0.1% at 25°C

Wind Speed

Measurement Range 0 to 60 m/s (117 kts, 135 mph)
Accuracy ±2%
Resolution 0.01 m/s

Wind Direction

Measurement Range 0 to 360°
Accuracy ±2%


Accuracy 1° RMS
Resolution 0.1° RMS


  • < 5m 90% (autonomous)
  • < 4m 90% (SBAS)
PPS < ±25 ns 50%