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What is Micrometeorology?

Micrometeorology is a study of the boundary layer and surface exchanges of greenhouse gases, water and heat at the due to turbulence. Studies are typically undertaken in natural environments such as over water or above a tree canopy, or, in human-influenced ecosystems such a field of crops or even urban environments.

micromet solutions

Campbell Scientific offers a range of micrometeological sensors and systems for measuring greenhouse gases and energy fluxes: 

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More Details about Our Gas Flux & Turbulence Systems

Add energy balance or biomet sensors, such as:

Temperature and Relative Humidity Probe
Net Radiometer
4-Component Net Radiometer
4-Component Net Radiometer
Averaging Soil Thermocouple Probe

Water Content Reflectometer
30 cm Soil Water Content Reflectometer
12 cm Soil Water Content Reflectometer
Soil Heat Flux Plate
Self-Calibrating Soil Heat Flux Plate

Case Studies

Tasmania: Ecological Research
The Warra long-term ecological research (LTER) site located in Southwestern Tasmania was founded in more
Canada: Forest Carbon Sequestration
Forest habitats contribute more than any other terrestrial biome to carbon cycles and processes. more
Australia: OzFace—Carbon Dioxide and Climate Change
An experimental facility (OzFace) has been established in Townsville, Australia to examine the impacts more

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  1. Most Campbell Scientific systems are built from individual components. This provides maximum flexibility for our customers, but it does not lend itself to pricing a "typical" system. Contact Campbell Scientific for assistance in pricing a system to meet the unique needs of the application.

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