20729 CR800 Datalogger for OEMs


This version of the CR800 is for OEMs. The OEM can purchase this product without a label or with a Sullair label.

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Technical Description

This version of the CR800 is for OEMs. The OEM can purchase this product without a label or with a company label.

The CR800 is a smaller measurement and control data logger designed for stand-alone operation in harsh, remote environments. Each CR800 reads input from sensors, then transmits the data via a communication peripheral. Multiple CR800s can be configured as a network or units can be deployed individually.

The CR800's low power consumption allows it to operate for extended time periods on a battery recharged with a solar panel—eliminating the need for AC power. This data logger suspends execution when primary power drops below 9.6 V, reducing the possibility of inaccurate measurements.

A typical field-based CR800 system consists of:

  • CR800 Datalogger
  • Power Supply
  • Weatherproof Enclosure
  • Communications Peripheral(s)
  • Programming and Communications Software
  • Sensors

The CR800 is compatible with our measurement and control devices, nearly every available sensor, and most of our communication devices; refer to the Compatibility tab for more information.


Current Drain
  • ~0.6 mA (sleep mode)
  • 1 to 16 mA (without RS-232 communications)
  • 17 to 28 mA (with RS-232 communications)
A/D Bits 13
Scan Rate 100 Hz
Analog Inputs 6 single-ended (3 differential), individually configured
Analog Voltage Range ±5000 mV
Analog Voltage Accuracy ±(0.06% of reading + offset) at 0° to 40°C
Measurement Resolution 0.33 µV
Switched Excitations 2 voltage
Pulse Counters 2
Control/Digital Ports 4
  • 2 MB Flash (operating system)
  • 4 MB (CPU usage, program storage, and data storage)
Communication Ports 1 RS-232, 1 CS I/O
Protocols Supported PakBus, Modbus, DNP3, FTP, HTTP, XML, POP3, SMTP, Telnet, NTCIP, NTP, SDI-12, SDM
Dimensions 24.1 x 10.4 x 5.1 cm (9.5 x 4.1 x 2 in.)
Weight 0.7 kg (1.5 lb)



With several channel types, the CR800 is compatible with nearly every available sensor, including thermocouples, SDI-12 sensors, and 4 to 20 mA sensors. A custom ASIC chip expands its pulse count, control port, and serial communications capabilities. The CR800's I/O ports can be paired as transmit and receive, allowing serial communications with serial sensors and devices.

Measurement & Control Peripherals

The CR800 is compatible with all of our contemporary SDMs, multiplexers, vibrating wire interfaces, terminal input modules, and relays. 


The CR800 communicates with a PC via direct connect, NL100 Ethernet Interface, multidrop modems, phone modems (land line, digital cellular, and voice-synthesized), RF telemetry, and satellite transmitters (Argos, High Data Rate GOES, and Meteosat). Data can be viewed on the CR1000KD Keyboard Display, CD295 DataView II Display, Archer-PCon Field PC, or a user-supplied PDA (PConnect or PConnectCE software required).

The SC115 is the only compatible external data storage device. The CR800 does not have a peripheral port and is therefore not compatible with the CFM100, NL115, or NL120.


The CR800 and its power supply can be housed in an ENC12/14, ENC14/16, or ENC16/18 enclosure. 


Any 12-Vdc source can power the CR800 datalogger; a PS100 or BPALK is typically used. The PS100 provides a 7-Ahr sealed rechargeable battery that should be connected to a charging source (either a wall charger or solar panel). The BPALK consists of eight non-rechargeable D-cell alkaline batteries with a 7.5-Ahr rating at 20°C.

Also available are the BP12 and BP24 battery packs, which provide nominal ratings of 12 and 24 Ahrs, respectively. These batteries should be connected to a regulated charging source (e.g., a CH100 connected to a unregulated solar panel or wall charger).


CRBasic, the CR800's full programming language, supports simple or complex programming and many onboard data reduction processes. Compatible software includes:

  • Short Cut
  • PC200W
  • PC400 (version 1.4 or higher)
  • LoggerNet (version 3.3 or higher)
  • PConnect (version 3.3 or higher)
  • PConnectCE (version 2.2 or higher)
  • VisualWeather (version 2 or higher)

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