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Question/Topic Posted By Replies
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Set priority for receive data from dattaloguers BiTFx 0
CR1000 / RF407 Pakbus networking jonny 1
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Issue in dial-up GPRS connection with OS 7.0 on CR300 francesco.sabatini 0
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CR1000 with slow scan stopped (OS32.02) smile 0
code execution sequence crs 3
Passing function arguments of undetermined data type crs 4
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Issue in CRBasic Editor with CR6 OS 7.02 hal9000 4
CR1000 OS uploading bobbybaz 3
issue with sdk/compiler grattis 2
CR1000 connection and program problems MOGP 1
RTMCPro XY Chart + Age Gradient = No Legend? SteveA 1
my station was not connecting to my computer, possibly due to failure of aerials to communicate. data logger was CR200series, I really need your support. thanks MJMagaji 3
SDI-12 address query Benjamin.vial 6
RTCM PRO index.html Chakir 5
RealTime function Otemohu 6
Crosstalk between SIO4/SIO4A ? Bob Fleming 0
CR300 speaking TTL serial over a control port Ty_Crawford 2
Request CR1000's OS Version: CR1000.Std.24. setec 0
What about Status.CommActiveRS232 variable ? setec 2
.dat fto .csv output file conversion graywacke 4
COM220 modem & RS232 port Spyros 3
extract files or information with smartphones alaramus 1
COM110 GPRS modem & COM1 port Spyros 2
CR1000, SerialOut() does not wait for WaitString? bdy 1