Optical Sensors / CS120A

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This is a kit of parts including:

  • A DIN rail mounting mains to 24V DC convertor
  • DIN rail, glands, labels.
  • The cost of assembly into an enclosure.

It does NOT include an enclosure or battery back-up.

This is intended to power the CS120A, CS125 or CS140 products or other equipment with similar requirements. It can power the hood heaters and electronics of a CS120A, CS125 or CS140. It can also power a PS150 power supply with a back-up battery to power the sensor during short power supply interruptions.

It can power both a CS120A/CS125 visibility sensor and a CS140 luminance sensor if both need to be co-located.


Main Power Voltage Requirements 90-132/180-264 V AC auto-select
Current requirements 2.20 A at 115 V AC, 0.83 A at 230 V AC typical
Input Frequency 47-63 Hz
Output 24V DC +/-1% 5A maximum
Standard Operating Temperature Range -35°C to +50°C

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