Optical Sensors / CS140 Calibrator

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The CS140 Calibrator is a high-quality device to generate a known luminance level for calibrating a CS140 Background Luminance Sensor. It is powered from the CS140 supply and is used while in communication with it.

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Technical Description

The calibration is made by using high-quality LEDs to produce a known light level, white, with a value of 4500 cd/m2. The light has a flat spectrum so the calibration is valid over the CIE spectrum sensitivity of the CS140 itself. The LEDs illuminate a diffuser, which itself illuminates the CS140 under calibration. An on/off switch turns off the LEDs and allows the unit to provide a zero check. Each unit is individually calibrated, and the value of luminance it produces is put on a label on the unit. This calibration is traceable, and this value is used in the calibration process.


Generated light level About 4500 cdm‾² (individually calibrated)
Accuracy 5%
Operating temperature range 0 to 40°C
Dimensions (excluding cables) 72 mm long x 46 mm dia
Weight 300g approx
Communications RS 232, 38400 Bd communication with CS140 and laptop


The 34295 calibration device is only compatible with the CS140. Although the CS125 and CS120A have a similar device, these devices are not interchangeable.