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From the ENERGYEAR website:

Colombia is a country with invaluable human and resource potential. Over the years, this has made it a benchmark market of very high value for renewable and sustainable development, thanks in part to the clear and secure signals in its public policies aimed at consolidating its transition, and also to the sector's work in favor of the energy security of its territory.

However, the boom experienced in Colombia on the path towards transition and the momentum that wind and solar generation have had also brought challenges of utmost importance that the country has had to overcome to continue along this unstoppable path.

Ahead, the country needs to improve its interconnection network, promote storage, continue building infrastructure and generation parks, and consolidate its high-value hydrogen market, while promoting environmental and social licensing standards to involve the population in a fair way, and also leading economic and social development with a cutting-edge energy and electricity matrix that provides security and self-sufficiency.

The landscape is set, and the objectives are clear for a market as valuable as Colombia to continue promoting its renewable development, serving as an example and benchmark, learning from the lessons of other major powers, and thus continuing the path of success to remain a renewable leader in the region and the world.

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Date: May 29-30, 2024
Location: Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

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