Ten Campbell Scientific CR10X dataloggers were used to monitor movement during the repair of the UK's M2 Medway Bridge. The project required a jacking system to be installed at each of the 20 piers, transferring the deck loading from the bearings to allow the reconstruction of the bearing plinths. Each carriageway deck weighed approximately 1,200 tons. After the load was transferred, the jacks were monitored to ensure settlement at any pier didn't exceed 2 mm. At each pier, a group of 10 jacks was linked to a single pump; a pressure transducer in a hydraulic circuit fitted to each pair of jacks with six linear transducers was used to monitor the deck movement. The dataloggers were set to trigger alarms and automatically call engineers via mobile phone if movement exceeded preset values.

Case Study Summary


Bridge components monitored during reconstruction project


Near Medway Towns, Kent, England

Measured Parameters

Hydraulic pressure, bridge movement

Controlled Devices

Alarms, Automated Voice Callout via Cellphone