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From the Ecological Society of America website:

This year's joint meeting combines the resources and interests of both the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution and the Ecological Society of America.

This is an exciting time to be an ecologist: in an era of global environmental, cultural, and evolutionary change, the societal relevance of our contributions continues to grow. As species and processes operate in flux, ecologists are continually scrutinizing past and current conditions to help anticipate future responses. An additional necessary pathway of inquiry includes retrospection, where we identify how alternative histories could have created different present-day ecologies.

Change will incessantly persist at varying rates and intensities, and with varying consequences. But, the outstanding question lies in knowing what changes are required now to foster desired future outcomes. Such innovation amidst current conditions requires dismantling harmful legacies, expanding knowledge systems, and committing to restorative practices. Ecology is facing a disciplinary reckoning. Therefore, where we go and how we get there must be a collective enterprise built on principles that broaden participation, promote equity, and diversify metrics of impact.

Stop by the Campbell Scientific booth, #1316.

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Date: August 14-19, 2022
Location: Montreal, Canada
Booth #: 1316

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