What should be done if a compiling error message is received after inserting a new PC card into the CR5000?

First, determine if the new PC card has been formatted correctly for the CR5000 OS version. CR5000 OS 2.5 can work with FAT32 cards, whereas prior OSs can only work with FAT cards. Most new cards come formatted as FAT32. Either update the CR5000 OS to use FAT32 cards, or continue to use an old OS by reformatting the card to FAT.

To format the card as FAT:

  1. Put the card in the PC card slot.
  2. Click My Computer from the Windows Start Menu.
  3. Right-click the drive that contains the card.
  4. Mouse over the options and click Format.
  5. Under File System, select FAT (not FAT32).
  6. Make sure Quick Format is not selected; then click Start.

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