I have an old CR-10 data logger that has not been used in years. The problem I am having is as soon as the power is shut off, all the data and programs are lost. Is there anyway to prevent this?

The old CR10 dataloggers do not have modern SRAM and flash memory like our newer CR10X, CR1000 dataloggers. Thus, they would lose their data and active program if power was removed. To solve this problem an external storage module device was created. The SM series of "storage modules" had a battery backed memory and were used for non-volatile on site data storage. This permanent on-site data storage was the SM192 or SM716. These were later replaced by the SM4M and SM16M which utilize EEPROM flash memory which does not require battery backup.

Loading a program on power up: When the CR10 powers up, it looks to see if a storage module is attached to the CS I/O port. If there is a storage module and it has a program stored in program location 8, it will load that program as the active program and then run it. A program is loaded into program area 8 using the SMS client of LoggerNet.

Saving data: Placing a P96 instruction with option code 71 in the CR10 program will allow it to copy data stored in it's final storage to the storage module.

1: Serial Out (P96)
1: 71 Storage Module

For more information please refer to the SM4M-16M Manual.

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