What is the difference between the IRGASON® and the EC150?

The IRGASON® is an integrated open-path gas analyzer and sonic anemometer, whereas the EC150 is a separate open-path gas analyzer that may be paired with a CSAT3A sonic anemometer. Both instruments provide measurements that are synchronous or simultaneous, made possible by having one set of electronics, the EC100, controlling the execution of both gas and wind measurements. With its integrated design, the IRGASON® is able to make measurements exactly colocated, which means that a spatial correction does not need to be applied to fluxes. Unlike the IRGASON®, the EC150 has measurement volumes that have a small separation, which means a spatial correction must be applied.  

For more detailed information, see the white paper “EC150, IRGASON, or EC155: Which CO2 and H2O Eddy-Covariance System Is Best for My Application?”   

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