Can more than one CDM-VW300-series device be used with one data logger?

Yes. When more than eight channels are needed in a system, multiple CDM-VW300-series devices can be connected to the same data logger.

  • Each CDM-VW300 device provides two terminals. 
  • Each CDM-VW305 device provides eight terminals.

Any combination of CDM-VW300 and CDM-VW305 devices can be used to achieve the desired number of total terminals.

The list below, ordered by data logger and measurement rate, indicates the maximum number of supported terminals:

  • CR3000, 100 Hz: 8 terminals
  • CR3000, 50 Hz: 24 terminals
  • CR3000, 20 Hz: 48 terminals
  • CR1000, 100 Hz: not supported
  • CR1000, 50 Hz: 8 terminals
  • CR1000, 20 Hz: 32 terminals
  • CR800-series, 100 Hz: not supported
  • CR800-series, 50 Hz: 8 terminals
  • CR800-series, 20 Hz: 32 terminals

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