What are the CR9000X download instructions for an operating system upgrade?

There are two ways to upgrade an operating system:

Method 1

  1. Connect to the CR9000X using the serial link or the Ethernet link.
  2. Use the RTDAQ | Clock/Program Tab | Send Program… button.
  3. In the Files Type box in the file browser window, use the drop-down arrow to select OBJ Files (*.obj). Browse to the computer file where the desired operating system resides.
  4. Double-click the file, or click the Open button. A warning will appear.
  5. After reading the warning, click Yes to begin downloading the new operating system.

Method 2

  1. Download and install the Device Configuration Utility software, or launch it from RTDAQ.
  2. Connect the CR9000X RS-232 port to the computer.
  3. Select CR9000X from the list in the Device Configuration Utility.
  4. Select the Send OS tab, and follow the instructions displayed in the software interface screen.

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