geo-instruments polska sp. z o.o.

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GEO-Instruments Polska Sp. z o.o.

ul. Okrzei 2

43-300 Bielsko-Biała


Phone: +48789258025

Company Introduction

GEO-PL are part of the Keller Group, a large multinational construction company. They provide geotechnical and structural instrumentation and monitoring solutions to the construction industry. They specialize in automated instrumentation for monitoring the safety and stability of buildings, excavations, bridges, railways, roads, tunnels, dams, embankments and slopes. GEO-Instruments can deploy a wide range of traditional and advanced sensing technologies and monitoring solutions.

Countries Served


Supported Applications

Acoustical Engineering
Bridge Monitoring
Building Structures
Dam Monitoring—Structural
Dam Monitoring—Water Level
Railway Monitoring
Slope Stability
Structural Health Monitoring

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