Researchers from the Danish Polar Center in Copenhagen are using Campbell Scientific instrumentation in a long-term ecosystem monitoring program in northeast Greenland. ZERO (Zackenberg Ecological Research Operation) aims to provide insight into the dynamics of a high arctic ecosystem. Meteorological observations are divided between two masts with the most basic climatic parameters recorded at both locations. Above the ground, wind speed and direction, precipitation, air temperature, and radiation are measured. Below the ground, temperatures are measured at 10 different depths between the surface and 1.30 m below the surface. Data are recorded with CR10X dataloggers and stored in card storage modules. Other monitoring systems include a hydrometric station and a tide gauge.

Case Study Summary


Monitoring the dynamics of a high arctic ecosystem


Northeast Greenland

Participating Organisations

Danish Polar Center

Measured Parameters

Above ground: wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, solar radiation, precipitation, tide. Underground: temperature at different depths

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