IRVR Instrumented Runway Visual Range System
For reliable and efficient airport operations
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The Campbell Scientific Instrumented Runway Visual Range, or IRVR System provides an automated assessment of the distance an aircraft pilot can see the runway surface markings and lights.

The automated method of determining RVR, eliminates the error and inconsistencies associated with human observations and ensures reliable and efficient airport operations.

The system is scalable allowing for simple and economical solutions for smaller airfields but scaling up to a full three point sensor location system for CAT III runways at International Airports.

The system can operate as a stand-alone IRVR or provide IRVR data to a larger AWOS system.

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Benefits and Features

  • The IRVR system can provide air temperature, relative humidity and visibility readings
  • Selectable Touchdown Points
  • Customisable screen to suit user requirements
  • Ability to incorporate Present Weather measurements
  • Can output METAR/SPECI
  • Complies to ICAO 9328, ICAO 9837 & ICAO Annex 3


Technical Description

The IRVR system utilises several optical sensors at between one and three locations. These locations equate to touch-down, mid-point and stop-end of the runway, depending on its current operating direction. Sensors operate on a network terminating at the IRVR Controller. The controller has the capability to output RVR, Aviation Visibility and if available Present Weather measurements to larger AWOS.


Compatible Visibility/PW Sensors:  CS120A, CS125

Background Luminance Sensor: CS140

Datalogger based unit for high MTBF and maximum reliability

2U 19" rack mountable

RS-232 input for Wharton clock

Contact free relay inputs for Runway Light Intensity and Runway Direction

RS-485 inputs for sensor locations

Ethernet connection for displays and data messages

RS-232 output for data messages

RS-232 service port

Power 100-240V AC, 15W 50-60 Hz

Case Studies

Instrumented Runway Visual Range (IRVR) System for Civil Aviation
Exeter Airport is undergoing a huge refurbishment to expand their capabilities and streamline their more

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