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Meteorological Technology World Expo is the must-attend event for any company or organisation looking for more accurate and next-generation weather forecasting and climate-change measurement technologies and services. Now in its sixth year, this truly global exhibition attracts over 165 exhibiting companies and 2,500+ attendees from over 70 countries.

Meteorological Technology World Expo

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Campbell Scientific have introduced several new products since last year’s event and are looking forward to showing some of them to you this year in Amsterdam:

  • CR300 & CR6 Series Dataloggers – We‘ve increased the communication options for the CR300 & CR310 loggers to include variants with integrated short-range radio or 3G cellular modems – the integration lowers power consumption whilst simplifying installation and usage. Similarly, we have introduced a CR6 with an integrated short-range radio.
  • MET300E Weather Station – a new multi-purpose, pre-wired, pre-configured weather station which can be purchased with a Konect subscription. This allows an installed station to simply be powered-up for data to be automatically collected and be almost instantly available for display online.
  • Konect Global Data Services – a range of new features have been added to this powerful data collection, archive and display system making it the ideal choice for any measurement or monitoring application.
  • Our range of optical sensors all offer outstanding performance and value – we’ll have on show the CS135 Ceilometer, the CS120A Visibility sensor and the CS125 Present Weather sensor .
  • The new CR-PVS1 PV soiling index RTU provides solar farm operators with real-time information on PV panel soiling compared to a reference allowing them to make informed maintenance decisions.
  • The CS240 is a brand-new back-of-panel temperature sensor offering high accuracy measurements in a rugged sensor body designed to provide a long operational life in harsh solar farm environments.

 PS. We also have some very exciting datalogger news but, for now, that’s a secret!

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Date: October 10-12, 2017
Location: RAI Amsterdam Netherlands

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