The CS225 is back!

The redesigned CS225 temperature string is now available for sale. We have dedicated significant time and effort to ensure that the CS225 will meet the demanding needs of all our clients. With the redesign we moved production of the CS225 entirely in-house. We invested in equipment, personnel, training and consulted experts to meet our goal of design validation for a world class product. As part of our redesign, testing was also paramount. We implemented a series of 6 definitive tests along with inspections to prove the CS225 design and ensure that it can be pulled through conduit, buried in concrete, frozen underground, and submerged in water.

To recap on the benefits this product offers:

- Customisable measurement spacing for any number of applications
- One SDI-12 channel is used to connect all temperature sensors
- Low Power – suitable for remote applications
- Makes use of the included SGB3 to protect against electrical surges
- No calibration required
- Serial number & installation depth metadata for each location stored on-board each sensor
- NEW! Max Pressure: 150 PSI (105m of water)
- Measurement range: -55 to 85C
- Made with steel reinforced cable for added strength and durability

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