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We are pleased to announce the release of EasyFlux™-DL, a new and free CRBasic program that enables a CR3000 datalogger to report fully-corrected fluxes of CO2, latent heat (H2O), sensible heat, and momentum from a Campbell Scientific open-path eddy-covariance (EC) system. In the past, Campbell Scientific's datalogger EC programs roughly estimated fluxes, and PC post-processing software was used to fully correct the flux measurements. Now with the EasyFlux™-DL program, fully-corrected fluxes are processed by the datalogger and reported at the end of each EC averaging interval.


  • Accesses final fluxes quickly without the burden of post-processing unwieldy time-series datasets
  • Produces flux output tables that are smaller than time-series tables, which allows flux data to be frequently collected using cellular, radio, or any other lower-bandwidth telemetry option
  • Can be downloaded free of charge; see Downloads section

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