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From the PERUMIN website:

If there is one aspect that Peruvians agree on, it is that we want a more prosperous country, capable of providing well-being for all. What we need is to design feasible mechanisms that allow us to meet this goal.

Since mining is an activity in which various actors of Peruvian society converge (communities, companies, authorities, academia, among others), we propose, through Heading to PERUMIN, to create spaces for analysis and debate on the role that our industry is currently playing within the context of the economic and social crisis caused by the pandemic and in support of the sustainable development of our country with a long-term vision.

We are convinced that the best way to reach agreements and generate joint work proposals is through dialogue and the foundations. Not a sectorial dialogue, but an open and inclusive dialogue that involves diverse leaders and society representatives.

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Date: September 26-30, 2022
Location: Arequipa, Peru

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