The location of this application is at a U.S. Army post with an active firing range. In the past, materials have been buried in a landfill on the post. In order to protect the aquifers that lie below the landfill, the Army wants to track the movement of materials in solution as they leave the landfill site. They have retained the services of Montgomery-Watson-Harza, an international engineering firm, to conduct the monitoring effort. MWH installed several monitoring wells and contracted with Electronic Data Solutions to do provide, integrate and install the instrumentation to monitor the wells and transmit the data to an office on the base via radio telemetry.

The first phase of the installation has been completed. Key elements of the system include a Campbell Scientific, Inc. CR510 datalogger and an In-Situ multiparameter water quality probe. Power is supplied by solar panels that charged sealed lead acid batteries.

In 2005, UHF radio communication was added to the system. At the base station, the radio communication is linked to a landline phone so engineers from Shaw Environmental, who took over management of the project, can call to retrieve data or check status without being required to visit the site.

Case Study Summary


Tracking hazardous materials movement from a landfill


Camp Bullis, near San Antonio, Texas, USA

Participating Organisations

US Army, Montgomery-Watson-Harza

Measured Parameters

Various water quality parameters