In 2003, Intermountain Environmental was contracted to install a simple SCADA system for the small town of Elsinore, Utah. Elsinore is located near Richfield in the central part of the state. 

Elsinore has interconnected water tanks located on the bench of a nearby mountain. The project was to control three separate pumps, within the town, based upon the water level in the tanks.

To accomplish this, there is a display and CR10KD keypad located on the master CR10X station in one pump house. The town water master has the ability to designate when each pump turns on or off based upon the level in the tanks. The level can be set by entering the desired set points into the CR10KD keypad.

Each pump can also be manually turned on from the main control panel. The tank has a CR200 datalogger and a pressure transducer. The CR200 communicates with the CR10X over a short haul modem connection. The CR10X regulates the three separate pumps based upon the user-defined set points.

Case Study Summary


Automating municipal water supply


Elsinore, Utah


Josh Hanks, Intermountain Environmental

Participating Organisations

Town of Elsinore Utah

Measured Parameters

Water level in water tanks

Controlled Devices