The town of Paradise, Utah has implemented a system that monitors and controls the water level at a reservoir tank. The system consists of a well with pump, a tank, and a base station with approximately one-half mile of hilly terrain between each facility. Wireless communications over narrow-band radio facilitate a reliable transfer of data.

To maintain safe water levels in the tank, the system turns the well pump on or off based on level readings received from the tank. The base station at the Paradise Town Hall displays information about the entire system. The station allows operational changes such as manually turning the pump on or off and changing the set points of when the well turns on and off.

Critical information can also be accessed via a simple phone call to the base station. A dynamic voice message gives real-time pump status (on/off), tank water level, and well water level. In addition, a voice alarm call-out to multiple phone numbers is triggered in case of intrusion at the tank or well, water levels outside of the specified range, or radio failure.

Case Study Summary


Paradise, Utah

Participating Organisations

Town of Paradise

Measured Parameters

Water levels, pump on/off status, site security

Controlled Devices

Pump on a water well, phone-based alarm system