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ARG100 Tipping Bucket Raingauge (0.2mm/tip)
Aerodynamic minimise errors due to air flow disruption
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The ARG100 precipitation sensor is our cost-effective solution to your measurement needs because it is manufactured in U.V.-resistant plastic by high precision vacuum-forming techniques. This allows the instrument to be robust yet still maintain all-important measurement accuracy and precision.

The ARG100 aerodynamic precipitation sensor (rain gauge), manufactured by EML in the UK. A conventionally shaped instrument interferes with the airflow around the sensor’s orifice so that the catch is reduced (as much as 25% of catch in windy conditions), and therefore precipitation measurements are significantly underestimated. The cost-effective ARG100 has been scientifically designed and developed to minimise this effect.

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Benefits and Features

  • Low power - suitable for remote applications
  • Sensor design minimizes airflow disruption at measurement volume


Technical Description

This instrument utilises the well-established measuring principle of the “tipping bucket” mechanism. This is both the industry and scientific standard for measuring precipitation, and it provides a contact closure at each tip. This is compatible with all loggers, event recorders and data acquisition systems for a wide range of applications.

The ARG100 is capable of measuring intensities up to a limit of approximately 500mm/hr. A rainfall Intensity adjustment formula is available for the ARG100 by request or from the EML website (


Funnel diameter 254 mm
Overall Height 340 mm
Tip sensitivity Standard setting 0.20 mm of rain per tip (other setting 0.25 mm per tip; please specify with order)
Maximum rainfall rate 500 mm/hr (with software correction)
Output Contact closure at tip
Cable 6 m (other lengths available to order)
Weight 1.0 kg


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Compatible Retired Dataloggers

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