What items are needed to set up a TDR100 Data Acquisition System?

Some combination of the following items is needed:

  • TDR100 Time-Domain Reflectometer (TDR), which ships with the PC-TDR software
  • LoggerNet or PC400 software, which allows the user to write CRBasic data acquisition system (DAS) programs
  • CR800, CR1000, or CR3000 Measurement and Control Datalogger to run the DAS program
  • If ac power is available onsite, a PS100 or PS200 rechargeable power supply plus a 9591 Wall Charger
  • If ac power is not available onsite, a BP12/BP24 Battery Pack plus a CH100 or CH200 Charge Controller plus a SP20 20 W Solar Panel
  • If more than one coaxial cable/sensor will be monitored, a SDMX50SP Coaxial Multiplexer
    (Note: One multiplexer can handle up to 8 cables, two multiplexers are required for 9 to 15 cables, and three multiplexers are required for 16 to 32 cables.)
  • ENCTDR100 TDR System Enclosure, which includes interface cables and has enough space for a battery/regulator, data logger, TDR100, and one SDMX50SP
  • User-supplied 50 ohm coaxial cable

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