When attempting to make changes to the COM port or baud rate in PC-TDR, the message “Access Violation at address 004A0B22 in module ‘Tdr100.exe’” appears. What should be done?

This error occurs if the COM port that was last used by PC-TDR cannot be opened because it is already opened or no longer available. The error is most often seen when either of these two scenarios occurs:

  • A previously used USB-to-serial cable is no longer connected.
  • The COM port number assigned to the device has changed.

To resolve the error, open the TDR100.ini file found in C:\Campbellsci\pctdr and change the CommPtEx setting to a valid COM port number (for example, CommPtEx=1). Alternately, the TDR100.ini file can be deleted, although this will reset any previously entered wave-form values, as well as any user-defined coefficients. 

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