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Question about required waveform intervals

sebnemboduroglu Feb 11, 2019 10:02 AM

Hello all,

I am bit confused about the required waveform intervals for the VWC and Waveform measurements. PC-TDR 'Generate Datalogger Program' option allows us to choose the minimum time step for readings as 30 seconds for VWC measurements and 50 seconds for Waveform measurements. I could not understand why the minimum time steps defined are different than each other since PCTDR uses the waveform data to calculate the volumetric water content? If the minimum timestep for VWC is 30 seconds, how this is possible because the waveform data, which has a minimum time step of 50 seconds, has not even been collected yet? How can we get VWC data without using waveform data or am I missing something?

I really appreciate all your help,

Thank you,


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