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PC-TDR' s Calibration Wizard

sebnemboduroglu Mar 6, 2019 01:06 PM

Hello all,

I am not sure if I am following the steps in PC-TDR's calibration wizard correctly for CS640 probes. Please see the general values I am getting from calibration for Probe Offset, Kp, Rho Shorted and Rho Open as below,

Probe Offset 0.0258  *(TDR Probe Manual_0.035)

Probe Kp  -15.3748   *(TDR Probe Manual_6.4)

Rho Shorted  -0.9534

Rho Open  0.9829

I went through both TDR Probes and TDR100 Manual, where only for probe offset, there is a statement in the manual: 'Probe offset values obtained this way will be greater than those listed in Table 5-2.'. Does this mean if we get a probe offset that is smaller than 0.035, we should consider it as 0.035?

Additionally for Probe Kp, the default value is 6.4 while I am getting -15.4, do you think this is acceptable or should I continue using the default value?

Regarding shortening the probe length using aluminum, I could not see any specification relating how do we do it, how much length of the probe we should cover with the aluminum and should we hold the aluminum sheet with our hand or should we not touch probe at all after covering it? Do you think the values I am getting are in the acceptable range? 

I would really appreciate all your help,


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