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CR1000 vs CR1000X web interface

LorenFiedler Apr 1, 2020 10:17 AM

We upgraded to CR1000X on one of our dataloggers and everything is better but the web interface. It it super slow, the old CR1000 web interface is about 100x faster. Most of the time I just give up on the CR1000X, Is there any workaround? 

Sam Apr 11, 2020 03:30 PM

Loren, I think it would be helpful for you to call your local Campbell Scientific office to discuss in more detail. The CR1000X is many times faster at serving up web pages than the CR1000.Is it because of the differences in the web pages? In other words the default page of the CR1000 is very minimalist. The default page of the CR1000X is much richer in its user interface. If you want to access a page that is minimalist, visit default.html instead of index.html.

For example, http://ip.address/default.html

instead of http://ip.address/ or http://ip.address/index.html

GeodeNZ Jul 28, 2020 08:02 AM

I've also upgraded from a CR1000 to CR1000X and found the enriched web interface to be impossibly slow. Glad to see the minimal default web page is still available on the 1000X, this version loads very quickly.

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