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Remote Device Config Utility usage via loggernet LNLINUX

Mike Voss Jul 19, 2020 12:22 PM

I may be missing something obvious here as I have limited experience, but I did not see this particular question in the archives. I have 3 CR1000's accessible via loggernet admin system.  Two  have IP connections, and one is connected via RF 451 radio connected back into the linux loggernet server machine via a TTYUSB0 port.  For all three I can connect fine in loggernet and see tables, upload programs, etc.  And, I can use Device Config Utility on the two IP connected CR1000's to make changes by specifying IP address as expected.  HOWEVER, I'm not able to access the radio connected CR1000 via Device Config Utility, I presume because I'm doing something wrong.

Question 1: Should I be able to use Device Config Utility through Loggernet to reach the radio connected CR1000?

Question 2: If so, what would the correct approach be to troubleshoot this.  I have tried various comm port settings, and IP settings, but typically get some kind of error like this. 

Could not locate PakBus devices11:06:08.926
"open failed","address resolution failed","11001","No such host is known."

And, here are a few log entries from successful communications via scheduled loggernet data download to the radio connected CR1000:

"2020-07-19 11:10:02.567","PakBusPort_2","S","sending message","src: 4094","dest: 1","proto: BMP5","type: 0x09","tran: 157"
"2020-07-19 11:10:02.817","PakBusPort_2","S","received message","src: 1","dest: 4094","proto: BMP5","type: 0x89","tran: 157"
"2020-07-19 11:10:02.817","CR1000","S","BMP5 message received","type: 0x89","table poll - DataTableInfo"

Thank you for any advice,


Mike Voss Jul 22, 2020 04:31 PM

Answering my own question.  Yes, I was missing something obvious.  Via the "Datalogger" menu there is an option for "Settings Editor..." where you can do the same thing as with Device Config Utility.

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