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a soil water&temperature probe with RS-485 protocol connecting to cr1000 datalogger

Soilmeasure Sep 14, 2020 02:09 AM

Hi. I hope to get some help here.

I have some soil water&temperature probes (TDR) in my lab. The wring connection of the probe is RS485. Four lines in the leading wire are used to connect to anode   (12v DC, red) , cathode( black), 485-A (yellow) and 485-B (blue) ,respectively according to the user manual.  I am not clear whether the 4 lines can be connect directly  to cr1000  terminals.  what is the correct conneting mode of the probes  to  CR1000?  the right data collection program for the probes  in cr1000  is ?


JDavis Sep 14, 2020 01:22 PM

The CR1000 does not have RS-485 circuitry integrated. An adapter such as a SDM-SIO1A will be needed.

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