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CR6 / CR-WIFI Out of Memory When Accessing Its Internal Web Server

miq Sep 18, 2020 05:54 AM

If the program is relatively small, I can access the internal web server just fine. But when my program grow bigger and bigger, Out of Memory errors will show up when I try access the internal web server or right after uploading a new program.

Here is my program:


Could someone please help? If my program is too big (in terms of memory), how do I know if my program has reached CR6 memory limit?

Here are some screenshots showing the OOM errors:

Out of Memory Error As shown in the internal web server

Out of Memory Error As shown in the Connect Screen

Even with the OOM errors, the datalogger seems still running just fine, because I can see the new data get uploaded in the FTP server, but when I try uploading a new program using CRBasic Editor, another error "File name is not valid.It maybe too long or contain an invalid characters. Please check the file name and try again" . I have shortened and simplified the file name as suggested but it still does not work.

Here is screenshot showing the unable-to-upload error:

Error unable to upload program

The only way I can upload a new program is by stopping the CPU using Dev Config Utility; in the 'File Control' tab, I choose 'CPU',  then click the 'Stop' button, and then check the 'Delete data' and 'Clear Run' on power up. Then I can re-upload the program.

I've tested this on a CR6 and CR6-WIFI and both have the same issues. The CR6 is accessed remotely (because its on duty, monitoring a bridge), and the CR6-WIFI is here in my office (easily accessible).

Both CR6 are using OS 10.02, and CR6-WIFI firmware is version 5.00.

Dev Config version:

My Loggernet version:

If other detail is needed, please do let me know.



JDavis Sep 21, 2020 11:41 AM

Use File Control on the Connect screen to see if you filled up the CPU drive. That could cause the error you see when sending a program.

You may need to increase the Communication Allocation setting on the datalogger. That would set aside more memory for the web server. The setting is in the Advanced section of settings on the datalogger. Be sure you collect your data before changing that setting.

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