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Cr310 connecting 4 wire pt100 and 4-20 mA (using internal shunt)

andreadale Oct 14, 2020 03:58 AM

hello,  on my cr310 i have to connect a 4 wire pt 100 to read a temperature and 4-20 mA (using internal shunt) to read pressure.

If i try with shortcut to add in generic measurements to add 4-20 mA input (using internal shunt) the program said that cannot be added because there are not enoug free 4-20  mA connections.

The 4wpb100 are using the 1H and 1L.

I tryed to change wired connection on pt 100 and leave 1H and 1L free for 4.20mA but i think i cant do that.

There is an easy way to solve my problem ?



JDavis Oct 14, 2020 08:16 AM

Try removing the PT100 measurement, adding the 4-20mA, then add back in the PT100.

andreadale Oct 14, 2020 09:14 AM

Jdavis thanks for your answer.

If i open short cut and i do New Program:

add 4-20mA input(uis)

add pt100 (4WPB100)(CSL)

i got this error:

"SEAnalog Channel 9 is not avaiable.Unable to attach sensor."

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