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TMAS T61-EHS5 3G modem / Gateway

rmorris Dec 3, 2020 08:16 AM

Hi. I'm trying to push results up to an FTP site from CR300 via a TMAS T61-EHS5.

Getting nowhere. anyone done this and have suggested T61 configuration.

It's connected to CR300 RS232 DSub9 via Null Modem connection.

Have tried using both the TMAS 'Center Manager' software and via PuTTY terminal program.

Just won't go. We normally use the discontinue COM11 for this function. And now CELL-215 or CR300-CELL215 (integrated Modem) and also Raven RV50.

Any suggestions appreciated.

GTProdMgr Dec 31, 2020 03:20 PM

The CR300 operates the RS232 port in at least two possible modes : Serial and PPP. If the device on the other end of the RS-232 is just straight-up serial, then the "Web stack" (allowing for internet, email, ftp, etc.) of the CR300 won't be activated. It seems like you need to use PPP mode to talk to the T61. I'm assuming you are using the FTP commands in the CRBasic program of the CR300 to push the files, and those aren't working. Once you get a good PPP session between the CR300 and the T61, then the CR300 will be able to see a pathway to the internet (web stack activated) and use those FTP (and email, http, etc.) commands.

Once connected to the CR300 in DevConfig, use the PPP tab from the Deployment tab to see the current PPP state. You can select the RS232 port in that screen and configure it for PPP.  you may also need to set the baud rate for the port in the "COM ports settings" tab.

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