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Issue of connecting AM16/32B to CR23X

Anil_89 Dec 29, 2020 10:23 AM


I'm a PhD student in George Mason University, and currently working with CR23X micrologger that is part of the instrumentation in my future experimental studies. The datalogger itself, does not support connecting more than 3 Load-Cell (Full-Bridge-Wiring) sensors, that is why I am planning to increase slots with AM16/32B multiplexer.

However, I am constantly having an issue of connecting that multiplexer to CR23x in 4x16 (Full-Bridge) mode. I was using Short Cut (recent version, 4.3) to create the program and send it to the datalogger, however it did not compile. The error message is given here.

"The Handle "Mux_COMODDLEVENH" was not found on Sensor or Output". Besides, I also tried sending program (.SCW) by using the button "Send Program..." through the main screen PC400, but I have an error ; The datalogger could not compile the program file. E95 Prog not exist.

Suprisingly, the datalogger and multiplexer worked together without a hitch when I wired multiplexer as it is given for 2x32, thermocouples.

Relevant photos were uploaded and shared with the following links.








Hope that anyone before experienced that kind of problem and know how to solve.

Looking forward to hearing from those can help me on this issue.

Best Regards

Happy New Year!

Anil Helvacioglu

smile Dec 30, 2020 01:23 AM


I also did some quick tests and I think there is a bug, something he doesn't like.

You can quickly bypass the issue.

Create with shortcut a new CR23X program using a single cell connected directly to the ch1 of the logger.

Then create another program as if it were your final one, using a multiplexer, but with n generic differential sensors, as if they were your n cells.

Then through edlog, modify the P2 differential reading program with instruction P6, following as an example the P6 of the first program.

Save it with final name and try it on the logger. Then let me know. I hope I was clear.


Anil_89 Dec 30, 2020 07:09 PM

Hi Smile,

Thank you very much for your reply. I really appreciate it, but not need to do for a while because I found a datalogger CR1000 been available recently. I wired it with multiplexer and it worked without a hitch.

Thank you again



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