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RTCM Pro not updating trend graphs

KimR Aug 15, 2021 09:56 AM


I have installed RTMC  Pro Development vers on a Windows Server 2019 and generated excellent web sites. i can present live data in a browser on the server. So far so good.

When I publish the sites with Web Publisher everything works fine, and when I access the web site shortly after from a random computer on the internet, everything is fine.

But when I access the web site later - eg 1 or two hours later - only the numbers (alfanumeric data values) are updated. The trend graphs are only partly updated. And if I try the next day, no data are displayed in the trend graphs.

I had RTCM Pro Development installed on an old Windows 2008 server with no problems. It seems as if the Windows 2019 server is unable to update the trend graphs.

I have tried to play with the Back Fill options in the File Data Source Properties (I'm displaying data from a data file), but no luck.

Anyone who can help here?

Best regards

Kim Roerbaek
DHI Denmar
0045 2016 4907

Nico Aug 24, 2021 08:20 AM

Are the trend graphs images (jpg, png, etc.)?
Maybe they get cached on the server as their name doesn't change from one update to the next by RTMC?
Maybe your old server didn't cache images, or at least not the ones for your RTMC website?

There also is the possibility that your browser caches the images and doesn't load new ones when their name didn't change.
You can force the browser to reload all content with fresh data from the server by hitting [Ctrl] + [F5] no matter what it has cached on your machine.

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