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error with the "command=tablename&units=true" instruction

cristian24 Aug 16, 2021 10:53 AM


I have a problem with the instruction "command=tablename&units=true". It should show me the units of the variables contained in a specific table, but it doesn't. I have a problem with the command "command=tablename&units=true". The code I am using is as follows:



Dim command As String * 300

Public Temp_CR6
Units Temp_CR6 = Grados

DataTable (Table1,True,-1) 

  DataInterval (0,1,Min,10) 

  Sample (1,Temp_CR6,FP2)



 HTTPOut("<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC " + CHR(34) + "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN" + CHR(34)+ ">")   HTTPOut("<HTML>")   


   HTTPOut("<meta http-equiv=" + CHR(34) +"refresh"+ CHR(34) + "content="+ CHR(34) +"60"+ CHR(34)+ ">")   




 HTTPOut("<ul><li><a href="+ CHR(34) + "command=NewestRecord&table=Table1"+ CHR(34) + ">Newest Record from     Table1</a></li></ul>")     

 HTTPOut("<ul><li><a href=" + CHR(34) + "command=Table1&units=true" + CHR(34) + ">Unidades</a></li></ul>")   

 HTTPOut("</BODY>")  HTTPOut("</HTML>")



  Scan (1,Sec,3,0)         

   PanelTemp (Temp_CR6,15000)   

   CallTable (Table1) 




The instruction "command=NewestRecord&table=Table1" works correctly, it shows me the last record. But the instruction "command=Table1&units=true" does not show me the units. When I access the link it creates, I get the following message, and at the top I get the error 404.

"Unrecognized request"

Can someone please help me?

Nico Aug 24, 2021 08:54 AM

Where does "command=Table1&units=true" come from? What manual/guide?

If I were to guess and '&units=true' is a feature to show the latest record with units attached you might want to try this:


But without a list of possible commands and how that API works it's a little futile to stab around in the dark..

cristian24 Aug 25, 2021 10:47 AM

I am looking at the "CR6 CRBasic Help", in the section "WebPageBegin/WebPageEnd", in the final part that shows a table. 

But your help has helped me to solve the problem, thanks a lot!

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