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CoraScript get IP Address

ccowin Aug 24, 2021 06:35 PM


Recently just found out about the CoraScript command line and have been writing some scripts that have made my life way easier. Most recently I wanted to get modem metadata from a large amount of stations so wanted to query LN for the "Internet IP Address" field under the IPPort root. Then use the modem's interface with that IP to get the SIM Number, IMEI, Firmware and other goodies.

I thought that the udp-discover would be what I wanted, but it seems like you can only search it by the IP it doesnt provide you with the IP.

A search of IP in the documentation doesn't seem like there is anything in there. Just wanted to check and see if I was missing something.


Nico Aug 25, 2021 08:37 AM

if you're looking for the ip addresses that loggernet connect uses without getting them all manually you should be able to find them in the XML file that holds all the connection setup data..

{your loggernet folder}\sys\bin\CsiLgrNet.xml


{device id="133" level="0" name="HF5" type="23"} {class-dev error-rate="0.003847245"} {settings} {setting id="2"}0{/setting} {setting id="3"}2048{/setting} {setting id="4"}0{/setting} {setting id="11"}9600{/setting} {setting host="" id="15" port="8899" /} {setting id="22"}1{/setting} {setting id="36"}0{/setting} {setting id="69"}2000{/setting} {setting id="70"}115200{/setting} {setting id="82"}0{/setting} {setting id="83"}0{/setting} {setting id="87" /} {setting id="88"}1{/setting} {setting id="90" /} {setting id="102"}0{/setting} {setting id="103"}300000{/setting} {setting id="116" /} {setting id="125"}0{/setting} {setting id="127" /} {setting id="128" /}{/settings} {/class-dev} {/device}


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