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csi Web Server

citytechie01 Sep 3, 2021 01:35 PM

Can anyone tell me why I'm getting a "Publish Failed: Unauthorized 

You do not have permission to write files to the Csi Web Server"? I've exhaused every option believed to be out there.


jtrauntvein Sep 4, 2021 02:31 PM

The web server reads a file, .csipasswd, that can exist in the root of its home directory as well as in immediate subdirectories.  This fle lists the accounts that can access that part of the web server home directory as well as the permissions given to those accounts.  There are two ways of setting up this file as well as editing it:

- Use the Csi Web Admin utility to edit the file contents

- Specifiy the initial contents of this file when publishing a web site from RTMC Publisher.

If you are attempting to publish to a directory to which a project has already been published, or to a directory in which a .csipassd file has been created, you will need to use the credentials associated with an account that has admin privileges.  If you cannot remember the user name or password for the destination directory, as a last resort you can simply delete the .csipasswd file(s) in the web server home directory and the web server will fall back to its default account set in which the "admin" account has a password of "admin".  If you do this, I would strongly recommend that you rebuild the security accounts with desired access levels in order to prevent unauthorised tampering with your web site.

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