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Use of IfTime or RealTime using CR3000 DL?

RDaly Sep 9, 2021 04:02 PM

I would like to use the IfTime or RealTime function to trigger a EmailRelay command at a given time of day or week. For example, an emailed system performance update sent weekly on Monday mornings at 1am.

Using CRBasic, I recieve an error "Undeclared variable RealTime" or "Undeclared variable IfTime" when using either function. Is there a problem using these functions with the CR3000? Other functions such as TimeIntoInterval work OK.

Below is an example for an email trigger to be set to true Monday at 01:00. 

If RealTime (8) = 1 and RealTime(4) = 1 Then
 EmailTrigger = True

Thank you,


JDavis Sep 10, 2021 09:31 PM

IfTime() functions equivalent to TimeIntoInterval(). TimeIntoInterval is a longer word to type, but preferred because it avoids some confusion of the double if.   "If TimeIntoInterval(..." and "If Iftime(..." are equivalent.

With RealTime() you need to declare a variable array to put the values into, and use the instruction RealTime() before your if statement to populate the variables. TimeIntoInterval() is often simpler to use.

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