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Issue on NL241 Wireless network link interface

hal9000 Sep 14, 2021 08:35 AM

Hi to all

We have an issue in our meteorological station based on CR1000 and connected to WiFi network via NL241 Wireless Network Link Interface. The NL241 is configured in Bridge Mode, with default parameters, while the CR1000 is configured to use a fixed IP address. Signal strength is about -75 dBm

The CR1000 acquires the data every 10 s and send to a FTP server one data tables every 15 min and four data tables every 60 min. It sends also error messages via email, using EmailRelay instruction. Usually the system works fine but occasionally it stops sending email (while file transfer via FTP continues to work fine).
This problem is more frequent during the week, when the wifi network is more busy, than the weekend.

The connection to the data logger via Loggernet is always an available option and it is possible to monitoring the logger activity. However, when there is the failure on email sending it is also impossible to upload any file larger than 960 bytes to the logger (i.e. sending a new program).

Our hypothesis is that EmailRelay function is blocked because the system is unable to receive data strings used in the secure connection, larger than 960 bytes.

We found that it is possible to solve the problem by resetting the NL241. To do this, we use the "Device Configuration Utility", also connected via IP, by clicking on the "Apply" button after enabling it (for example by clicking on the "Mode Button" field). We have not found a way to reset the NL241 by the program on the logger.

Any idea to solve the problem?

Thank you


Nico Sep 16, 2021 04:41 AM

You could try to use a 3rd party RS232 <> WiFi converter with your CR1000 to see if the NL241 is the problem? Cost is very low and gives you an option after all..
Search for Hi-Flying Elfin EW10. I successfully used it with a CR800 logger on its RS232 port. You set up Loggernet as you would with a CR1000 that has got a network interface plugged in.. add IPPort > PakBusPort > CR1000.
I tested this converter (and the ones that do Ethernet <> RS232) with CR200, CR800, CR1000 and CR3000 and they all work.

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