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CR1000 unable to connect via Series connection

VDC May 13, 2022 10:37 PM


I am working with a CR1000 that I plug to my laptop with a RS-232 cable (I have a serial port on my laptop). I use the RS-232 port of the CR1000.

When I use the Device Configuration Utility, by choosing the right COM port (COM 1) and a Baud rate of 115200, I get this error message: 

No response from the datalogger


Fault"open failed","serial open failed","5","Access is denied."

I tested with another computer that also has a Serial port and it works fine, the CR1000 can communicate with this pc and I can exchange data both ways. I used the same RS-232 cable.

What could cause this issue ? The laptop is only 1 year old, and I had no connection problems with my serial port in the past.

Thank you ! 

jtrauntvein May 15, 2022 03:05 PM

Generally, an access denied error for a serial port indicates that a process running on the computer already had an open connection to that device.

So far as the first scenerio, there are two likely reasons why the data logger will fail to respond:

- the data logger serial port has been configured to use only one baud rate (this is common when trying to communicate with various kinds of modems). By default, the CR1000 is set up to auto-detect the baud rate but this can be changed as a setting in devconfig or in the data logger program.

- the configured data logger pakbus address does not match the pakbus address specified in loggernet.  You can troubleshoot this by connecting to the data logger using the device config utility.

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