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How to read TTL output

vk Dec 15, 2023 05:06 AM

I have a sensor that has a TTL output and I want to read it using  CR3000. Normally TTL is given to RS232 to read on the PC or logger.  My question is can I read the TTL directly through CR3000? If yes then which port is to be connected? Any help is apprecited.

smile Dec 16, 2023 09:29 AM

From CR3000 manual:

8.1.6 Reading Smart Sensors — Details

"The CR3000 can receive and record most TTL (0 to 5 Vdc) and true RS-232 data
from devices such as smart sensors. See the table CR3000 Terminal Definitions
(p. 60) for those terminals and serial ports configurable for either TTL or true RS232 communications. Use of the CS I/O port for true RS-232 communications
requires use of an interface device. See Hardware, Single-Connection Comms
Devices — List (p. 611). If additional serial inputs are required, serial input
expansion modules can be connected. See Serial I/O Modules — List (p. 605).
Serial data are usually captured as text strings, which are then parsed (split up) as
defined in the CRBasic program."


anSu9 Feb 5, 2024 12:47 PM

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arteryofficer Mar 27, 2024 04:19 AM

It's has to be used with an interface device. See Single-Connection Communications Devices — Hardware List (p. 611). If more than one serial input is needed, serial input.

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