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Kipp and Zonen CGR 4 to CSI CR1000

kennaster Jul 1, 2009 10:26 PM

I am looking for a data logger program for basic communication and wiring between a K&Z CGR 4 and a CR1000 CSI data logger.

Thank you for your attention


Oliver Jul 9, 2009 01:47 PM

Here is the program for CR1000

'CR1000 Series Datalogger

'*** Wiring ***

'1H long-wave pyranometer sensor signal (red)
'1L long-wave pyranometer sensor signal reference (blue)
'gnd long-wave pyranometer sensor signal sheild (black)

'2H long-wave pyranometer sensor thermistor resistor Signal (green)
' 10K ohm resistor signal
'gnd 10K ohm resistor signal reference

'EX1 long-wave pyranometer sensor thermistor resistor Excitation (yellow)

'*** Constants ***

'CGR4's sensitivity
Const CGR4_Sen = 13.52*10^-3 'mV/W/m^2, your CGR4's sensitivity on its body

'calculation for the temperature from thermistor resistor in CGR4
Const a = 1.03*10^-3
Const b = 2.38*10^-4
Const c = 1.59*10^-7

'10K ohm resistors' impedance
Const R = 10000

'*** Variables ***

Public PTemp, batt_volt

Public Rad_cgr4
Public Rad_cgr_4_tot_MJ

Dim un_cal_cgr4

Dim thermistor_cgr4

Dim T_cgr4

Dim temp_cgr4

'*** Final Output Data Tables ***

'Half Hour Data Table
DataTable (Half_Hour,1,-1)
DataInterval (0,30,Min,10)
Average (1,Rad_cgr4,FP2,False)

'Daily Data Table
DataTable (Daily,True,-1)
DataInterval (0,1440,Min,10)
Sample (1,Rad_cgr_4_tot_MJ,FP2)

'*** Working Data Tables ***

DataTable (AVG,True,1)
DataInterval (0,1440,Min,10)
Average (1,Rad_cgr4,FP2,False)

'*** Program ***

Scan (1,Sec,0,0)
PanelTemp (PTemp,250)
Battery (Batt_volt)

VoltDiff (un_cal_cgr4,1,mV25,1,True ,3000,_50Hz,1.0,0)

BrHalf (thermistor_cgr4,1,Autorange,3,Vx1,1,2500,True ,3000,_50Hz,1.0,0)

thermistor_cgr4 = R * (1-thermistor_cgr4)/thermistor_cgr4

T_cgr4 = (a+(b*LN(thermistor_cgr4)+c*(LN(thermistor_cgr4))^3))^-1

temp_cgr4 = T_cgr4^4 * 5.67 * 10^-8

Rad_cgr4 = un_cal_cgr4 + temp_cgr4

CallTable Half_Hour
CallTable AVG

If IfTime (0,1440,Min) Then
Rad_cgr_4_tot_MJ = AVG.Rad_cgr4_AVG(1,1) * 0.0864

CallTable Daily

kennaster Jul 17, 2009 06:40 PM

Nice! Thanks a lot for posting this. A CSI engineer also worked one up for me and should either post it here or in one of their other web locations. His is slightly different but I bet the resulting outcome is the same. Thanks again for the reply.


satoe Sep 3, 2021 03:07 AM

This post is under review.

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