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Write Data trigger based to a specific output file

Ponce Dec 13, 2014 05:15 AM


I am doing a measurement, which is triggered by some flags. So once the flag is -1 the measurement starts. After that I want to write the data just recorded to a datafile on the USR or CRD.

The only option I found is via TableFile, which does not satisfy me as the write interval I can set are limited by time and I have not found a possibility to write the data based on some trigger.

So the question is: Is there any posibbility to write the data of a particular measurement period to a file, based on a trigger and then reset the internal data storage for the next measurement?

Thanks in advance!


rlwoell Jan 5, 2015 03:01 PM

If I understand your problem correctly, you have a TableFile instruction within DataTable/EndTable structure. Since the DataTable instruction includes the possibility of using a flag to trigger the table's operation, it seems to me that it would solve your problem.

For example, the following code comes from the CR9000 help section with a modification to the first line. In it, the DataTable is executed when Flag(1) is true.

DataTable (Test,Flag(1),-1)
DataInterval (0,5,Min,10)
TableFile ("CRD:Test",8,-1,0,60,Min,OutStat,LastFileName)
Sample (1,Bat,FP2)
Sample (1,Temp,FP2)

Ponce Jan 13, 2015 07:37 AM

Unfortunately that does not solve the problem. I am running into the same problem...

rlwoell Jan 13, 2015 10:49 AM

It would help us if we could see your code, at least the portion including the data table.

Ponce Jan 13, 2015 04:48 PM

Right. Sorry for that.

So here we go. The Data table part of the program looks like this:

TableFile ("CRD:Test",8,-1,0,Measinterval,Sec,OutStat,LastFileName)

The output file looks then something like this:

"2015-01-13 15:48:38",0,0.27,0
"2015-01-13 15:48:39",1,0.27,0
"2015-01-13 15:48:40",2,0.27,0
"2015-01-13 15:48:41",3,0.27,0
"2015-01-13 15:48:42",4,0.27,0
"2015-01-13 15:48:43",5,0.27,0
"2015-01-13 15:48:44",6,0.27,0
"2015-01-13 15:48:45",7,0.27,0
"2015-01-13 15:48:46",8,0.27,0
"2015-01-13 15:48:47",9,0.27,0
"2015-01-13 15:48:48",10,0.27
"2015-01-13 15:48:49",11,0.27
"2015-01-13 15:48:50",12,0.27
"2015-01-13 15:48:51",13,0.27
"2015-01-13 15:48:52",14,0.27
"2015-01-13 15:48:53",15,0.27
"2015-01-13 15:48:54",16,0.27
"2015-01-13 15:48:55",17,0.27
"2015-01-13 15:48:56",18,0.27
"2015-01-13 15:48:57",19,0.27
"2015-01-13 15:48:58",20,0.27
"2015-01-13 15:48:59",21,0.27
"2015-01-13 15:49:00",22,0.27

What is important here is that the measurement was started at 15:48:38 and was supposed to run for 30 seconds until 15:49:08. The data are actually recorded until 15:49:08, but the file was written once the full minute was reached, so the data file that has been written to the card only reflects values up to 15:49:00.

My problem is that I do not find a way to write the data between 15:48:38 and 15:49:08 into one file.

Further ideas are highly welcome!

Ponce Feb 14, 2016 11:26 AM

I have another question on top of the above decribed problem. I am using the Tablefile Instruction within Datatable declaration. So far so good, but it is not possible to update the number of data that will be written into the new file:


The variable "Measinterval" is updated based on user input. Nevertheless the number of data recorded is not changing! If I set Measinterval = 20 for example and change it then to 10 no file is written, as there are not 20 data in the final datatable.

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