LNDB is a new application that works with our LoggerNet software to easily move data to a relational database. Storing your data in a database provides significant advantages.
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LNDB has two main components: LNDB Manager and LNDB Engine. LNDB Manager is used to set up a database and select the datalogger data tables that will be stored in the database. It also allows you to determine what happens if datalogger data tables change. LNDB Manager also provides tools to monitor the LNDB Engine and to review the database data. LNDB Engine runs as a service and sends the selected data from the LoggerNet data cache to the database. Additionally, LNDB includes utilities for importing and exporting data. LNDB ships with Microsoft SQL Server Compact, and also supports Microsoft SQL Server Express and MySQL.

Campbell Scientific will be adding to our database capability in the near future. The next version of LNDB will include QuickReports, a simple report generator that will allow the user to create reports containing a graph and table display. Other future enhancements include integration with RTMC Pro and View Pro.