LoggerNet Admin/A Additional Copies on Same Order


Note: Quantity discounts of LoggerNet Admin may be available through the LoggerNet Admin product page.

Current Version: 4.3

This product is identical to LoggerNetADM except it makes the software available at a reduced cost for each additional copy purchased on the same purchase order. As a result, no other quantity discount schedules apply.

Benefits and Features

  • Purchase additional copies of software on same purchase order for reduced cost



  • Current Version: 4.3

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FAQs for

Number of FAQs related to LoggerNet Admin/A: 2

  1. LoggerNet doesn’t know which tables are available in mixed-array data loggers unless the program is identified by associating it. If no tables show up in the Data Filer table selection window, check that there is a program associated with the data logger in LoggerNet. This can be done on the Program tab of the LoggerNet Setup screen. Also, verify these two things:

    1. Scheduled collection is enabled (on the Schedule tab of the LoggerNet Setup screen).
    2. FS Area 1 is enabled (and FS Area2 if memory is being specifically allocated to it) for collection. This information is found on the respective tabs in the LoggerNet Setup Screen.
  2. The LoggerNet revision history information can be found through the “Software and OS Revision Histories” web page. Revision history information is available for LoggerNet patches and upgrades, as well as for the trial versions of the software.